ACMI – Aircraft Leasing Solutions with Le Bas International!

Established in 1990, Le Bas International’s comprehensive management team has a worldwide infrastructure to meet our global clientele’s ACMI requirements. Aircraft leases are leases used by airlines and other aircraft operators. Airlines lease aircraft from other airlines or leasing companies for two main reasons: to operate aircraft without the financial burden of buying them, and to provide temporary increase in capacity. The industry has two main leasing types: wet-leasing, which is normally used for short-term leasing, and dry-leasing which is more normal for longer-term leases. The industry also uses combinations of wet and dry. For example, when the aircraft is wet-leased to establish new services, then as the airline’s flight or cabin crews become trained, they can be switched to a dry lease.

ACMI - Aircraft Leasing
ACMI – Aircraft Leasing Option Examples:

Long Term

250 – 400 bhpm (block hours, per month) 1-3, 6 years
Solution for testing new markets, new route launches, AOC airline start-ups.

Short Term

lift 250 – 400 bhpm 1 – 6 months
Solution for seasonal leasing, scheduled maintenance, delayed delivery of new aircraft and crew shortages.

Spot Lift

0 – 250 bhpm
Solution for short term supplemental uplift.

Services Provided by Le Bas International
  • ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance)
  • Damp Leasing (flight deck crew)
  • Wet Leasing (full or partial crew complement)
  • Full Charter (everything included)

For three decades as part of our Airline Services program, Le Bas International has serviced ACMI demands for our valued aerospace customers including aircraft manufacturers, airlines and private flight departments and musical tours. ACMI uplift opens the door to expand a worldwide presence without ownership.

Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance, or wet lease contracts place aircraft to fill each tailored requirement. Offering a fully dedicated crewed, maintained, and insured units, scalable worldwide to meeting today’s ACMI efficiencies, transporting passengers and cargo on each customers schedule to specific destinations.

The Key to ACMI Uplift Success

Companies enjoy the benefits of dedicated aircraft without the potential capital risks or long term commitments related to inventory, maintenance or personnel. Allowing companies to focus on core competitiveness to grow there business potential.

ACMI - Aircraft Leasing Solutions

ACMI – Aircraft Leasing Solutions Summary

For almost 30 years Le Bas International has found that ACMI is a perfect emergency plan for airlines which have only a small fleet and have no backup aircraft available. In events such if an aircraft goes AOG  and is not serviceable for a few days or even weeks, an ACMI contract can be arranged by Le Bas with identified ACMI operators ready to provide a ready to fly aircraft and resume operations minimizing financial loss. The most important benefit of ACMI with Le Bas International is the very short time in which such lease operations can be started. Since the company’s inception, we have proudly provided our airline and corporate services programs to 150 of the world’s 250 major airlines and renowned private flight departments. Experience counts! For more information on ACMI – Aircraft Leasing solutions contact the us 24/7/365 by calling +1.805.593.0510 or clicking this link for an online request.

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