Air Cargo solutionsWith the holiday season fast approaching, Le Bas International continues to assist with keeping the world’s freight on schedule! From AOG parts and crew charters, to providing cargo service, our staff is trained and prepared to meet your time critical needs for any fall season and holiday support! Whether your requirement is to transport a critical flight component or aircraft engine, our team on a daily basis provides fast and effective solutions for AOG situations to assist our airline clients with limiting downtime.




Examples of Air Cargo Solutions with Le Bas International 

  • Le Bas can assist with larger part moves with aircraft not requiring an MDL/K-loader (Ex. AN-12, AN-124, Hercules):
    • These aircraft are generally more cost effective.
    • Have the ability to operate into smaller/regional airports.
    • Can operate on longer routes with accommodations for augmented crews.
  • Faster Response time – 24/7 live Le Bas air cargo specialists to assist with immediate needs:
    • Always someone available to answer the phone.
    • Always someone available to respond to an email.
    • Global presence to assist with cargo aircraft in Europe/U.S. or wherever they may be in the world.
  • Le Bas is able to source hazmat certified operators:
    • Can provide options for Hazmat certified operators.
    • Can transport everything from door slides to oxygen canisters and nuclear material.

Available globally we specialize in:

  • Aerospace Logistics Support
  • Exotic Animal and Fish
  • Hazmat and Dangerous Goods
  • Heavy and Outsize
  • High Value Commodities
  • Humanitarian Relief Cargo
  • Oil, Gas and Mining Equipment
  • Time Critical Ship Spares
  • Urgent Documentation
  • Valuables: Artwork, Minerals and Metals – Precious Goods


For air cargo solutions with Le Bas International contact our European office at +1-353-61-474849 or our U.S. office at +1-805-593-0510 for instant support! You may also email us 24/7 at or click this link to have one of our aviation professionals contact you immediately.