The Gulfstream G650 ultra-large-cabin, ultra-high speed business jet is the flagship of the Gulfstream fleet, developed to serve customers who want more cabin space, longer range and more cruise speed. With the maximum specified speed of 704 mph, and a nonstop range of 7,000 nautical miles, the Gulfstream G650 can fly faster and farther than most traditional business aircraft. Gulfstream engineers partnered with a customer advisory board to envision an aircraft that would set a new standard in business travel. Working from that input, engineers rejected the status quo with a clean-sheet design. They pushed for more performance in every aspect. With the G650’s long, unfettered wing, they redefined how air flows over an aircraft wing, creating a highly efficient airfoil that delivers speed and an incredibly smooth ride. What Gulfstream delivers in the G650 is a jet that flies at more than 92 percent of the speed of sound for thousands of miles with fly-by-wire precision. That same design innovation created a quieter, roomier, more adaptable cabin teeming with advanced technology.


The G650 has a cruise speed of Mach 0.85 to 0.90, with maximum speed of Mach 0.925 and a range of up to 7,000 nmi (13,000 km). It can be equipped with a full kitchen and bar and may be equipped with a variety of entertainment features including satellite telephones and wireless Internet. The jet uses two Rolls-Royce BR725engines, each producing a maximum thrust of 17,000 pounds-force. Gulfstream states that with a weight of less than 100,000 pounds (45,400 kg), it is able to land at small airports avoiding the busy airports around the world.


The roomy cabin of the G650 measures 46.83 feet in length, reaches 6.42 feet in height, and stretches 8.5 feet in width, allowing for a total cabin volume of 2,138 cubic feet. The cabin of the Gulfstream G650 features both sleeping and seating configurations. For maximum passenger accommodation, the cabin of this private business jet can be arranged to seat as many as nineteen. In a maximum sleeping passenger arrangement, the cabin may be configured to accommodate ten passengers. The baggage compartment allows for 195 cubic feet of luggage storage, providing plenty of room to accommodate your passenger’s needs. Sixteen 28 inches by 20.5 inches Gulfstream signature windows surround the cabin, providing an airy atmosphere that is perfect for business or relaxation. At a cruising altitude of 41,000 feet, the Gulfstream G650 is capable of maintaining a cabin altitude of just 3,000 feet. In addition to this impressive capability, this aircraft replenishes 100 percent fresh air every two minutes for passenger comfort.

Air Charter

The G650 makes once-distant cities all part of a day’s work, and with the lowest pressurized cabin altitude of any business aircraft, passengers arrive feeling refreshed and ready for whatever opportunities lay ahead. To air charter the ultra long range Gulfstream 650 contact Le Bas International 24/7 at +1.805.593.0510 or click this link for an online quote:

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