Cessna Citation X Air Charter Service with Le Bas International

Cessna Citation Overview

The Cessna Citation X (Model 750) is a super midsize business jet with 3,460 nmi (6,408 km) of range manufactured by Cessna and part of the Citation family. The Citation X made its maiden flight on December 21, 1993, received its type certification on June 3, 1996 and was first delivered in July 1996. The updated Citation X+ was offered from 2012 with a 14 in (360 mm) cabin stretch and upgraded systems. Keeping the Citation III fuselage cross section, it has a 37° swept wing with an area of 527 ft² (49 m²) for a fast Mach 0.935 with two 7,034 lbf AE3007 turbofan engines. After 338 deliveries, production ended in 2018.The Cessna Citation X gets you to your destination faster than virtually all other private jets. It can reduce the time of a coast-to-coast flight by up to 35 minutes compared with other aircraft. In addition to its extraordinary speed, the Citation X offers a nearly 24-foot-long cabin with eight executive seats, a full refreshment center, a spacious aft lavatory, and a baggage compartment of 72 cubic feet for luggage, or golf and ski bags.

Aircraft Features

  • Impressive transoceanic range of 3,403 statue miles range
  • Maximum passengers – 8 passengers
  • 72 cubic feet of baggage storage
  • Refreshment center
  • 5.6 ft. cabin width, 23.7 ft. cabin length, 5.7 ft. cabin height
  • Full size lavatory
  • Up to 6:15 hours endurance
Private Air Charter

How to Air Charter the Cessna Citation X Private Jet

The Citation X is a long ranger specially designed for transcontinental flights as the whole design objective was to fit in a trans Atlantic range with in a mid size package that can travel faster than any other aircraft in the world. To air charter one of the fastest business jet options available contact Le Bas International 24/7 at +1.805.593.0510 or click this link for an online quote today!

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