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Gulfstream G200 Overview

The Gulfstream G200, formerly known as the IAI Galaxy, is a twin-engine business jet. It was designed originally by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and was produced by IAI for Gulfstream Aerospace from 1999 through 2011. The Gulfstream G200 private jet was the first in the Super-Mid category and for over a decade it has been a leading choice for business jet charter. The G200 offers generous seating, a roomy interior, a full size lavatory, and can be configured between 8 and for up to 13 passengers. With the tallest and widest cabin in its class, at 6’3 cabin height and 7’1 cabin width, the Gulfstream G200 private jet is equipped with a fully heated and pressurized baggage compartment, along with a roomy refreshment center.

Aircraft Features

  • Impressive transoceanic range of 3,400 nautical miles
  • Maximum passengers – 9
  • 125 cubic feet of storage capable of accommodating 2,400 pounds of luggage
  • Capable of flying at an altitude of 41,000 feet and an airspeed of 430 knots
  • Refreshment center
  • Tallest and widest cabin in its class
  • Full size lavatory
  • Cabin width of 7’1 feet, a cabin height of 6.3 feet, and a cabin length of 25 feet


Gulfsteam G200 Private Jet Charter

How to Air Charter the Gulfstream G200 Private Jet

To air charter one of the longest range options in the super mid category contact Le Bas International 24/7 at +1.805.593.0510 or click this link for an online quote today!

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