Private jet services are on the increase as more individuals and organizations seek alternative air transportation modes to scheduled airlines due to the reduction of service to many airports, increased airport delays, security issues, and the growing pilot shortage that has recently caused airlines to reduce flight frequency to many of their destinations. While scheduled airline service in the United States serves over 500+ airports, private jet services can access over 5,000+ airports and the same comparison can be made in many countries worldwide. For this reason many individuals and organizations are looking for the most efficient way to fly at the best possible price. Whether you are a wealthy individual, a closely-held business owner, an entrepreneur or any other type of aircraft user, the factors involved in flying private can be complex and this is when an aviation consultant/aircraft broker such as Le Bas International can be very helpful.

Why utilize private jet services?

Do you or your organization:

• Travel often on short notice?
• Need to travel to areas that lack adequate commercial airline service?
• Have business interests located far from a major airport?
• Have vacation homes in out-of-the-way places?
• Have security or privacy concerns?
• Want more business or family time on trips?
• Need to work uninterrupted during the flight time?


For many individuals or organizations, chartering a plane directly through a charter broker such as Le Bas International is often the most cost effective way
to fly private. Chartering a plane provides flexibility and no up-front or ongoing commitment of capital. It is ideal when flight usage is sporadic or difficult to predict. It also allows you to select the size and type of aircraft that is best suited to each specific trip. For individuals or organizations flying less than 200 hours a year, using the services of a dedicated broker allows one to have their own flight department without the overhead. As individuals or organizations charter various aircraft they will gain the education and due diligence they will need if they decide to move forward with their own aircraft acquisition if the need arises. Le Bas International has been providing aviation consulting and worldwide private jet services for over 28 years with offices in Huntington Beach, CA and Shannon, Ireland providing 24/7 flight support for their clients that include many Fortune 1000 organizations, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and busy individuals who understand that private aircraft services can be a valuable travel option offering superior convenience, comfort, security, and time savings. To learn more about private jet services contact Le Bas International 24/7 at +1.805.593.0510 or email us at

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