Airbus A380


Fuselage Diameter: 23.4 in. (Main Deck)
Fuselage Diameter: 19.42 in. (Upper Deck)
Range: 9179 nm
Passenger seats: 12F+60C+399Y
Cabin length: 264 ft. (Main Deck)
Cabin length: 147.63 ft. (Upper Deck)
Cargo: 79200 lb.

International crew who speak your language and know your cultural habits
Cabin attendant First class service training
First class cuisine customised for any specific dietary requirements

12 Suites Fully Lie-Flat Seats
60 Business Lie-Flat Seats
Touch Screen Monitors on each seat back
Multi-use Handset with mini monitor for 2x video view
Audio and Video On Demand
Latest Movie and TV series library
Large storage areas on each seat
Overhead lighting & individual reading lamp per seat
Aisle width extra wide
Privacy separators between each seat
Noise dampening side and ceiling for quiet cabin
Skye lounge
Fully stocked Bar

Cargo compartment:
Space available for passenger’s bags and equipment.