Boeing B777-200ER-BBJ7


Cabin height: 7.2 ft.
Range: 8800 nm
Cabin width: 18.58 ft.
Passenger seats: 88
Cabin length: 169.9 ft.
Cargo: 142068 lbs

Serial Number ending in 955 952 – Effectivity: WD116
Date of Manufacture: 8/22/2011
Time of Entry into service September 2018
Engines: GE90-115B
APU: Honeywell Model 331-500(B)

Design Weights:
MTOW 322,050 (KG)
Max Landing weight 223,167 (KG)
Max Zero Fuel Weight 209,106 (KG)
Cruise altitude : 41000ft
Speed: 550 kts / 1000km/h

Sky Crew:
International crew who speak your language and know your cultural habits
Cabin attendant First class service training
First class cuisine customised for any specific dietary requirements and prepared by a Sky Chef
Luxury spa amenities

88 First Class Lie-Flat Seats (Aura Enhanced)
Skye Lounge / Coach zone with seating for up 30 Guests
Six VIP Lavatories (Two Near Lounge / Two Mid / Two AFT Oversized Lavatories
Overhead Flight Crew Rest (OFCR) & Overhead Flight Attendant Rest (OFAR)
24” Panasonic Touch Screen Monitors on each seat back
Multi-use Handset with mini monitor for 2x video view
Audio and Video On Demand
Live TV
Latest Movie and TV series library
Wi-Fi high speed
Mobile Phone capability for personal devices
Bose noise cancelling Headsets
Power ports and USB ports at each seat
Large storage areas on each seat
Powered controlled chairs with Lumbar massage Sizeable one-piece tray table for each seat with swivel features
Overhead lighting & individual reading lamp per seat
Aisle width extra wide
Four-inch padding carpet
Privacy separators between each seat
Noise dampening side and ceiling for quiet cabin
External aircraft camera forward and downward for guest viewing

Skye lounge:
Seating for up to 30 passengers
Equipped with four large tables, chairs and two sofas
Fully stocked Bar
Gaming features on each table (selected flights only) with overview cameras
Movable dining chairs for extra comfort and gaming
Charging points around the Skye lounge and USB ports under each seat
Seat belts on each Chair and sofa for unexpected turbulence

Cargo compartment:
Space available for passenger’s bags and equipment (over 300 bags)
Forward Cargo Compartment Air Conditioning System
Transverse LD4 / LD6 Cargo Container Loading (Forward & Aft Cargo Compartment), for more comfortable loading

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