Wedding and Honeymoon Private Jet CharterWhether you need to fly a wedding party to a exotic location for your dream wedding or immediately start your honeymoon with no travel delays, chartering a private jet can eliminate much of the stress so you may enjoy your special day by providing wedding & honeymoon private jet charter solutions. Chartering a private jet for honeymoon means you and your new spouse can immediately start your special time by meeting your aircraft at the airport of your convenience and depart within minutes to your honeymoon destination. This saves you from all the stress and time that is involved in security check, delays, boarding and de-boarding of a commercial flight and allows you to enjoy the beginning moments of your marriage in privacy  You have the option to land in a private terminal at the airport with immediate limousine transportation to your honeymoon destination upon arrival. In addition to freedom from the crowd of people at airport, you can eliminate the time wasted at airport with a private, fast, and hassle-free security check. Most importantly, you can fly anytime and anywhere you want. If you decide to leave right after your wedding reception, your private jet can be standing by and depending on your honeymoon destination, you can arrive within hours rested after enjoying your on-board catering and in flight entertainment.

Le Bas International has been assisting newlyweds for over 27 years by arranging aircraft charters for weddings worldwide and assisting with creating the perfect dream honeymoon. Our aviation professionals can assist with choosing the right aircraft based on your budgetary needs. In addition, our aviation professionals can assist with setting up ground transportation and cater your flight to insure your honeymoon is a dream come true!

Contact Le Bas International for a free consult at +1.805.593.0510 or visit us at for your wedding & honeymoon private jet charter solutions and surprise your loved one with a dream honeymoon that you will never forget!


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