Carbon Offset

Carbon -zer0

Our worldwide customers have spoken – Le Bas International supports a brighter, healthier world by allowing our worldwide clients to offset carbon emissions through our partnership with Terrapass. Terrapass is committed to delivering the highest quality environmental products in terms of quality and transparency.

It’s never been easier under three categories to offset Carbon zer0 emissions.

Small cabin
2mt per hour

Medium cabin
4 mt per hour

Large cabin
5mt per hour

To pay for your Carbon-Zero carbon offsets as per your signed charter agreement, simply – calculate the number of airborne hours on the category of aircraft chosen. By clicking on the Terrapass link, you will be directed to Terrapass Business Carbon Offset (one-time purchase). Insert total mt calculator figure, add to cart – you’re done – congratulations!

Please speak to your representative for those clients utilizing our Group and Air Cargo services.