Air Cargo

Need to move Cargo?

We’re the people who get it there!

When you need to transport cargo quickly utilizing Le Bas International’s cargo aircraft makes financial sense. With literally thousands of departure and arrival points worldwide, moving your products by air is the right decision.

It’s never been easier. Regardless of the cargo’s shape or size our cargo flight coordinators are trained to offer the most cost effective flight options while providing detailed information on all aspects of your specific flight.

Available globally we specialize in:

  • Aerospace Logistics Support
  • Entertainment Equipment/Stage Transportation
  • Exotic Animal and Fish
  • Filming location animal transportation
  • Hazmat and Dangerous Goods
  • Heavy and Outsize
  • High Value Commodities
  • Humanitarian Relief Cargo
  • Oil, Gas and Mining Equipment
  • Thoroughbred Horse Transportation
  • Time Critical Ship Spares
  • Valuables: Artwork, Minerals and Metals – Precious Goods
  • Special Mission

Global reach. Personal touch.