Flying with Pets

Flying With Pets On A Private Jet

While some scheduled airlines do allow pet transportation, animals normally fly in the hold of the aircraft, causing stress for both the animal and the owner!

Using a private jet broker like Le Bas International to arrange your pet transportation is simple. Whether you are relocating with multiple birds, cats, and dogs or simply taking a long vacation we have agents available to quote all your pet private jet needs 24/7.

Although pricing on a private jet will be significantly higher when compared to flying on a commercial airliner the pet will travel in the cabin with you, you will have access to an exclusive private jet terminal and you get to choose the actual departure time.

Policies for pet transportation on private jets are set by the operators of the aircraft, and each operator can specify the number of pets (and types) they will allow on the aircraft. There’s no additional charge per hour on a private jet for transporting pets but any additional cleaning fees may be billed separately.

Sample private jet pet transportation prices, click here for your quote.

Domestic US Pet Private Jet Transfer
Citation V (Light Jet) From New York, NY to Fort Lauderdale, FL
$14,000 4 Adults And 3 Dogs (Pops, Magic and Chloe)

Flying With Pets On A Private Jet Inter Europe
Citation CJ2 (Light Jet) From Marseille, France to Naples, Italy
$13,800 3 Adults And 1 Cat (Chloe)

Hawaii Vacation With Pet Via Private Jet
Challenger 300 (Mid Size) From San Jose, CA to Kona, Hawaii
$34,000 2 Adults And 1 Dog (Murphy)

Challenger 604 (Heavy Jet) From Los Angeles, CA to Honolulu, Hawaii
$65,000 2 Adults And A Parrott (Polly)

International Pet Relocation On A Private Jet
Gulfstream IV (Heavy Jet) From Miami, FL to Amsterdam, Netherlands USD
$90,000 2 Adults, 4 Kids and 3 Dogs (Lucky, Chips and Walter)