ACMI – Aircraft Leasing and Purchase

Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance
Le Bas International ACMI Lease

Established in 1990, Le Bas International’s comprehensive management team has a worldwide infrastructure to meet our global clientele’s ACMI requirements. Since the company’s inception, we have proudly provided our airline and corporate services programs to 185+ of the world’s 250 major airlines, 95% of the global aircraft manufacturers, and renowned private flight departments.

We can arrange:

  • Long term and short term ACMI commitments.
  • ACMI explanation: Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance. The lessor will provide the aircraft, one or more complete crews, including technicians if necessary, all maintenance, and insurance for the aircraft as well as third party liability. On long term leases guaranteed minimum number of hours are required to be flown each month, which requires guaranteeing a minimum payment equal to the hourly cost multiplied by the guaranteed utilization, regardless of whether utilization is met.

Aircraft at your disposal worldwide without ownership.

ACMI leasing:
Long term 250 – 400bhpm* (block hours, per month) 1-3, 6 years
Testing new markets, new route launches, AOC airline start-ups.
Short term lift 250 – 400* 1 – 6 months
Seasonal leasing, Scheduled maintenance, Delayed delivery of new aircraft. Crew shortages.
Spot lift 0 – 250*
Short-term supplemental uplift

ACMI (aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance)
Damp Leasing (flight deck crew)
Wet Leasing (full or partial crew complement)
Full Charter (everything included)

For three decades as part of our Airline Services program, Le Bas International has serviced ACMI demands for our valued aerospace customers including aircraft manufacturers, airlines and private flight departments and musical tours.

ACMI uplift opens the door to expand a worldwide presence without ownership.

Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance and Insurance, or wet lease contracts place aircraft to fill each tailored requirement. Offering a fully dedicated crewed, maintained, and insured units, scalable worldwide to meeting today’s ACMI efficiencies, transporting passengers and cargo on each customers schedule to specific destinations.

The key to ACMI uplift success.

Companies enjoy the benefits of dedicated aircraft without the potential capital risks or long-term commitments related to inventory, maintenance or personnel. Allowing companies to focus on core competitiveness to grow their business potential.

The lessor (the Certificate Operator) provides/pays for:

  • Aircraft
  • Qualified flight crews (an additional hourly charge will be levied if a complete cabin crew is required)
  • Maintenance including spares
  • Insurance (Hull) and third party liability

The lessee (client) is required to provide or pay for the following:

  • Fuel/Oils
  • Landing/Parking fees
  • Aircraft handling and ground support
  • Passenger, cargo and baggage check-in and handling
  • Passenger, cargo and baggage insurance
  • Passenger and cargo taxes, charges and related fees
  • Passenger and cargo booking charges
  • Passenger delay and overbooking expenses
  • Navigation, over flight, technical landing and handling, traffic landing permit, fees and charges
  • Catering equipment
  • In-flight media entertainment
  • Pallets, tins, nets and tie downs
  • Aircraft positioning / repositioning
  • Aircraft cleaning
  • Aircraft and ramp security
  • Maintenance support where necessary
  • De-icing
  • Access to phone/mobile/fax/SITA/AIRINC and e-mail
  • Ramp office and spares security area as required
  • Flight numbers and route authority
  • Crew and support staff transportation (air & ground)
  • Crew and support staff accommodation
  • Crew and support staff perdiems
  • Work permits and license validations
  • Application and removal of lessee’s logo and / or livery
  • Royalties

Wet Lease | Aircraft and Crew / to AOC holders only

Short term wet leases are available to AOC holders

Aircraft Sales

When considering aircraft purchase Le Bas International has the global network resources and dedicated team approach to accommodate private, corporate aircraft and airline startups aircraft purchases – Full-service airline and low-cost carriers.

Products and services provided by renowned worldwide experts in their field including Airbus, Airbus Helicopters, Antonov, Agusta Westland, Avions de Transport Régional (ATR), BAE Systems, Boeing, Bombardier Aerospace, Cessna Aircraft Company, Daher Airplane, Dassault Aerospace, Embraer, Fairchild Aerospace, Gulfstream Aerospace, Hawker Beechcraft Corporation, Honda Jet, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, Piaggio America Inc, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, Sikorsky, SuperJet International, Saab AB and Viking Air Ltd.

Turnkey additional services.

Aircraft placement, management, licensing and certification.