New To Private Jets?

All your questions answered.

First Time Private Jet FAQ’s

What aircraft can I charter?

We can arrange your charter on a wide range of aircraft.  Everything from a small turboprop for a short runway to a large cabin private jet for an international trip.


How far in advance do I need to book?

Like all travel the more time you have the better. Typically people book a week to 72 hours before their flight. But when you have to go last minute the industry standard for a crew call out (the time it takes the crew to get to the aircraft and take off) is two hours when an aircraft is available.


Where do I meet the private jet?

Most airports have private terminals or FBO’s (Fixed Based Operators) that allow passengers to avoid the main terminal, large crowds and TSA lines. Typically you can show up 10 or 15 minutes before you departure and jump right on your private jet.


Can I fly with my pets?

Yes you can!  They will fly in the cabin with you too rather than in a cargo hold.  You can read more about pets and private jets with Le Bas here.


What times can the private jet depart?

The schedule revolves around you, you depart when you want.  If anything changes or a meeting overruns we can assist to rearrange your flight times, customs, catering and any other arrangements you may have made.


What about safety?

All aircraft we arrange charters on are operated on part 121 or 135 certificates as regulated by the FAA here in the US or local governmental equivalent.  We use ARGUS or Wyvern to run reports on the aircraft, crew and insurance of each operator where possible.  All passenger flights are arranged with two pilots and two engines.


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