Boeing 757-200 62F Specialty


Range: 4,500 nm
Cabin width: 11.7ft
Passenger seats: 62F
Cabin length: 118.4ft

Maximum Range : 4,500 nm / 9.5 hours
Maximum Passengers up to 62 passengers
Sleeping Beds: one double bed
Includes: Galley, IFE / CD / DVD, Satellite Phone
Cabin Sizes: Length: 36.07m / 118ft 4in, Width: 3.54m / 11ft 7in, Height: 2.15m / 7ft 1in
Baggage Capacity: Up to ~350 bags (subject to final volume and weight), Weight: 10,000 kg / 22,406 lb, Volume: 50.8 m³ / 1,794 ft³
Maximum Speed (mach): 0.86
Maximum Altitude: 41,000ft
Seat Recline: 140 degrees
Seat Pitch: 52 inches

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Founded in 1990, Le Bas International has been leading the air charter industry in quality and service. Our company is dedicated to providing worldwide, reliable and punctual air travel. We provide personalized 24-hour service.
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